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Why I Wildfire Stories

"Courteous, prompt, efficient and professional EVERY time! It's so nice knowing that in a time when people and businesses are typically too busy, or don't care, to give one-on-one personal attention, that Wildfire can always be counted on to do it right" ~ Darcelle

“Wildfire makes everything user friendly from manual deposits to online banking. All of the employees are very friendly and helpful.” ~ Hope 

"I love mobile banking! You people are the best!!" ~ Thomas

"I Wildfire because they give you second chances. When you open an account as an uneducated young adult, sometimes you need someone to work with you on doing it right and holding you accountable. Along with treating you like family, the rates are more than fair. I love my Wildfire Credit Union, because they love me." ~ Breanna

"That's why I stay with you. I have moved all over the state and no one compares to you guys. You are SO easy to deal with! My parents opened my account when I was 6 and I've never gone anywhere else. When we lived there, I always remember going to your annual meeting and remember how cool it was that you had singing and dancing. You guys are the best!" ~ Jay

"I always walk out of Wildfire feeling good about banking there and that's why I had my Mom and son open accounts there." ~ Mystery Shopper

"I am required to use a local bank for work. The bank cannot compare to the quality of service I receive at Wildfire." ~ Mystery Shopper

"Your employees are friendly and efficient and just as fast as using a machine plus you actually get to talk to a live person. Having the employees at the credit union help me,  has made me realize how unfriendly some employees are at other stores and businesses." ~ Mystery Shopper

"I really do enjoy visiting my credit union as you have hired and trained all of your employees to be extremely member focused and have designed a welcoming, efficient and attractive facility. Thank you." ~ Mystery Shopper

"I belong to two other credit unions and Wildfire employees are by far the most polite and professional of all." ~ Mystery Shopper

"I felt like he really remembered and knew me. That behavior really made me feel like a part of the community of members of this credit union. Very nice!" ~ Mystery Shopper

"Becoming a member at Wildfire Credit Union has seriously changed my life. They have great rates on loans and credit, are always friendly, low wait times at drive through, offer budget counseling and overdraft services that have saved my unorganized life on many occasions, and are a great resource for my business. It's not often I am so happy with a company I have to give it a shout out... but they definitely deserve it!" ~ Amy

"Stacey, Thank you so much for taking care of our change of address for our account. You were a breath of fresh air over the phone the other day when I was feeling quite overwhelmed. My thanks to you and all those Bob and I have come in contact through these many years at Wildfire. Always a pleasure to have had your institution in the past work with us and many years to come." ~ Sharon

"I just wanted to say thank you for how quickly you were able to help me with the recent fraud. It's the holiday season and my rent is due on the 1st as well as my credit card payments and my car insurance on the 6th. I was stressing out thinking about how I was going to be able to pay all these things. I can't believe it only took less than a day for my money to be returned, thank you so much. This means a great deal to me. I was considering closing this account because I have moved to the south of the state, and now with the fraudulent activity, However I am so pleased with the service I received and the timely manner my problem was resolved I will continue to do business with Wildfire. Thank you again." ~ Zach

"I hope you and everyone at Wildfire have a very Merry Christmas as well! Even in Texas, I love banking with you!" ~ Trudy

"Wildfire is so easy to work with, I've been a member since 88 and have moved 4 times and I still love Wildfire, so you tell everybody that someone in Austin Texas loves you!" ~ Someone in Austin Texas

"I set up a new account today in your branch at 6673 State St. in Saginaw, MI. Probably the nicest experience I've ever had in a bank/CU (and I'm old). Special praise for Alicia who took care of me." ~ Vicki

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If you are having issues using this website, please call 1-800-227-2328 for assistance.