Fraud & Scams

Strengthen Your Defense for Your Private Information and Money

Unfortunately, hackers and scammers like to use their time to try and steal your private information and your money leading to new threats and scams popping up every day. We got your back though and have provided you with some resources to make sure you are well defended against potential frauds and scams.

Resources to Protect Yourself

Here are some resources to keep you informed of the latest tricks being used to steal your identity or commit fraud on your account. Be sure to check back often to ensure you have the right checks in place to prevent fraud.

Wildfire cares about your private information and strives to keep it that way. Learn more about our security practices.

Safeguarding Blog Posts

Recent Blog Posts

Two men working diligently on a computer

There are a pretty good amount of threats aimed at inflicting damage to your computers, digital devices, and various online accounts. One of those such threats that digital attackers will use is called ransomware.

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Date Published: Mar 25, 2021

Woman in Gray Hijab using a laptop

A phishing attack is a fraudulent attempt to get sensitive information and steal user data such as usernames, passwords, and/or credit card details.

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Date Published: Mar 11, 2021

Man using a tablet at a table

With the amount of personal information needed to create accounts for different services on the World Wide Web, it is important to ensure you stay safe and secure on the internet

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Date Published: Mar 11, 2021