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Online Banking
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Person dialing a phone.

Audio Teller

We have offered telephone Audio Response for over 20 years and it remains one of our member's favorite points of contact. With toll-free access, you can use your touch-tone phone to make the following account changes or information requests.

Here's What You Need to Get Started

  1. Dial 989-249-8205, 800-68-AUDIO (682-8346) or 800-227-2328.
  2. Enter your account number and press #.
  3. Enter your PIN and press #.
  4. Follow the prompts or the menu below.

Frequently Used Codes:

To return to the MAIN menu at any time.

0 To repeat the CURRENT menu.

To go to PREVIOUS menu.

Main Menu Options

  1. Balance Inquiries
  2. Transfers
  3. History Inquiries
  4. Withdrawals
  5. Checking Information
  6. Loan Information
  7. Additional Options

1: Balance Inquiries

  1. Savings Balance
  2. Checking Balance
  3. Share Balance
  4. Loan Balance
  5. Open Share List
  6. Open Loan List
  7. Share Balance on a Specific Date
  8. Loan Balance on a Specific Date

2: Transfers

  1. For Savings to Checking Transfer
  2. For Checking to Savings Transfer
  3. For Share to Share Transfer
  4. For Savings to Loan Transfer
  5. For Checking to Loan Transfer
  6. For Loan to Savings Transfer
  7. For Loan to Checking Transfer
  8. For Loan to Share Transfer

3: History Inquiries

  1. Last Deposit
  2. Last Payroll Deposit
  3. Share History
  4. Loan History
  5. Deposit History
  6. Recent Transaction Activity
    1. Checking History
    2. ATM History
    3. ACH History
    4. Payroll History
    5. Loan Payment History
    6. Debit Card
    7. Point of Sale History

4: Withdrawals

  1. Savings Withdrawal
  2. Checking Withdrawal
  3. Share Withdrawal
  4. Loan Advance

5: Checking Information

  1. Checking Balance
  2. Check # Inquiry
  3. Checking History
  4. Check Copy Request
  5. Check Stop Payment
  6. Check Number Range
  7. Debit Card History

6: Loan Information

  1. Loan Balance
  2. Open Loan List
  3. Loan Payment Inquiry
  4. Loan Payment History
  5. Loan Payoff Amount
  6. Loan Balance on a Specific Date
  7. Loan Advance Total
  8. Mortgage Loan Inquiry

7: Additional Options

  1. Year to Date Information
    1. IRA Contributions
    2. Dividend Information
    3. Interest Information
  2. To Change Preferences
    1. To Change Personal ID Number
    2. To Change Number of History Transactions in a Group
  3. To Change Account
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If you are having issues using this website, please call 1-800-227-2328 for assistance.