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Standard Fees

Internet Account Access FREE
Internet Bill Payer Service FREE
Copy of Statement $2.00 minimum, $.50 per page
Counter Checks 4 for $1.00
Money Orders $2.00 each
Printed Checking Account Histories $1.00 per page
Photocopies of documents 2 free copies, $.25 additional page
Personal FAX $.50 per page
Replace lost/damaged ATM or Visa debit/credit card $5.00
Replace lost/forgotten P.I.N. (Mail Only) $5.00
Stop Payment on personal checks,
pre-authorized drafts and electronic payments
ACH Rejected Item $5.00
Third Party Corporate Check Withdrawal 2 free per month/$5.00 per check, payable to a third party
Personal Checking Account No monthly account fee
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)* $30.00
Overdraft Charge (per item - check or electronic withdrawal) $30.00
Deposited Checks Returned (your account - personal or business) $30.00
Deposited Checks Returned (third-party check) $10.00
Copies of checks cleared 4 FREE per year; $2.00 per additional
Outgoing Wires $20.00
Incoming Wires $10.00
Copies of Visa Check Card purchase receipt $6.00
Check printing Prices vary
Research Requests $25.00 per hour + $1.00 per copy; $25.00 minimum
Account Reconciliation $25.00 per hour
Early Membership Closure (closed within 90 days of opening) $10.00
Monthly Dormant Account Fee (Dormant 12 months or greater) $10.00
Returned Mail Fee $5.00
Verification of Deposit/Loan $10.00
Escheat/Garnishment/Levy Fee $50.00
ATM Balance Inquiry (non Wildfire/Co-Op) $2.00
High Yield Deposit Account Withdrawal Fee 3 free per month, $25 for each exceeding three, maximum of 6 withdrawals per month
IRA Transfer $25.00
Visa Gift Card minimum amount of $25.00 maximum of $1000.00 with $2 member fee and $5 non-member fee
Statement Check Imaging Fee (per share ID) Business Accounts Only $3.00 per month
Business Checking transaction fee (if over monthly minimum)
Small Business Checking = 200 per month
Business Checking Beyond = 500 per month
Business Checking Optimize = 1,000 per month
$0.35 per item
Small Business Checking No monthly maintenance fee
Business Checking Beyond
(if $5,000 min mo. avg. bal. not met)
$15.00 monthly maintenance fee
Business Checking Optimize
(if $10,000 min mo. avg. bal. not met)
$20.00 monthly maintenance fee

* An NSF fee is charged each time an item is presented against insufficient funds. The payee (or the payee's institution) may re-present a previously returned item. Each presentment against insufficient funds will result in a separate fee.

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If you are having issues using this website, please call 1-800-227-2328 for assistance.