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Digital+ Bill Pay/P2P (Person to Person Payment)

Q:  How many P2P payments am I allowed to have in progress at one time?

A:  You are only allowed to have 5 P2P transfers in progress at any given time. For example, if you initiate 3 transfers on Monday and on Tuesday those transfers are still being processed, you can only make 2 Transfers until the other three go through. 

Q:  How does a P2P recipient avoid answering security question each time?

A:  When a P2P request is received, there is a button to select “Auto-Accept” by recipient. This allows all future deposits to come in from a known sender without having to answer a question.

Q:  How do I accept a P2P from a Wildfire member and only have a Wildfire savings account for deposit?

A:  If you are having a deposit go to your Wildfire savings, then you will need to add 4 zeros (0000) to the end of your account number.

Q:  P2P failed and being sent via debit card or received with debit card?

A:  First you will want to make sure that the debit card with Wildfire is updated in Digital+ if a new card or card expired. The recipient of P2P can also select text or e-mail link to update their debit card or method of receiving the P2P.  

Q: Why is my P2P not going to recipient and funds have pulled from my account?


  • Recipient may have answered the security question incorrectly or failed 3 times.

  • Recipient may need to update debit card or account information

  • Recipient may have not received or deleted e-mail or text for verification.

Q:  When will P2P recipient get text or e-mail?

A:  Same day if sent for instant P2P with debit card. If future P2P, the text or e-mail will be sent the morning requested for the payment to be sent. Recipient has until 5:00 P.M. (EST) that day to complete P2P receiving information or P2P will not arrive until the next business day. 

Q: P2P recipient never received text or e-mail, how do I get refund? 

A: If you do not see an option to delete the P2P in your Digital+ under Payment Activity, then you can reach out to Wildfire Credit Union and we will be able to assist with refunding the P2P if it did not send. Auto refunds will happen after 10 calendar days if recipient does not accept.

Q: How do I delete P2P or resend text/e-mail if never received? 

A: You can go to Payment Activity to view future P2P in order to edit or delete them. If P2P is removed, then a new P2P may be reset up right away. 

Q: How do I know if P2P went through successfully? 

A: There is an option during P2P setup to be notified once recipient receives the deposit sent.  

Q: How long does it take for P2P to arrive for recipient?


  • If P2P is sent via a Wildfire Debit Card then recipient should be receiving notification of text or e-mail right away, and will receive deposit same day if accepting with debit card.

  • If P2P is sent directly from Wildfire savings or checking account, then recipient should receive deposit next business day once accepted. *Recurring transfers are set up by selecting savings or checking.*

Q: How do I know if my Bill Pay is sent via check or electronic?

A: An envelope next to payment will show that the Bill Pay is sent via check and a lightning bolt shows that it is electronic. When adding a new payee, upon typing the payee name a drop down will appear with that payee’s name to select electronic payment. All Bill Pay checks will clear your account once received and cashed by payee. 


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