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With Your Business Every Step of the Way

Monitor your business account from the comfort of your office, during your lunch break, and really anywhere on the planet where you have internet access - 24/7.

What Can You Do?

Access your business’s accounts securely at your convenience for free!

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Manage Your Business Accounts


  • Track your spending and view share/loan balances right when you login.
  • Check out your Wildfire Rewards point balance.
  • Activate or lock your Wildfire cards.
  • Set up alerts to protect you from fraud.
  • View account statements.
  • View any holds on your account.
  • Manage the accounts you have with other banks and credit unions.
  • Be a personal finance pro by viewing your own banking analytics such as cash flow, spending analysis, and income analysis.

Make Transfers


Avoid fees and move money around within your account whenever you want!

  • Transfer funds within your share accounts.
  • Schedule transfers between your accounts to occur automatically.
  • Transfer funds to and from accounts at other financial institutions.
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Make Payments


Business Digital+ allows you to make a real time payments from the share or account that you choose.

  • Pay your business loans or Visa balance.
  • Schedule payments to occur automatically!
  • Take advantage of our free Bill Pay tool to pay your bills without having to converse with a person or mail a letter.

Online Banking With Autobooks



  • Send invoices online right from your computer and schedule recurring invoices.
  • Automatically add late fees to past due invoices.


Payment Processing

  • Accepts credit and debits cards, as well as Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfer.
  • Save money with a low processing fee.
  • Get paid faster online.



  • All reconciling is done automatically, every day!
  • Custom product codes.
  • Get reports for tax time.

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The Possibilities

Start Online Banking

Sign Up With Autobooks!

  1. Login to your Wildfire account and click the “Autobooks” under the "Finance Tools" tab at the top of your screen.

  2. Accept the Terms of Service and confirm your business information.

  3. Add your company logo, your customers and send your very first invoice.

Feel free to give us a call or drop by one of our branch locations if you have questions or would like some more info.

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Take your digital banking one step further...

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