Registered SVSU Sports Clubs & Student Organizations Mini-Grant Application

Group of students volunteering their time.

Wildfire offers $500 for registered SVSU sports clubs and student organizations.

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  • What can the money be put towards?
    • The money is to be used for items or services that your club or organization does not normally purchase or provide through funding resources.
  • Applicant review process:
    • Grant requests will be reviewed by the Wildfire Community Contributions Committee for approval. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for the requests to be reviewed and granted.
    • Applicant may be asked to answer questions regarding the request for the subcommittee of Wildfire Credit Union. It is the intent to gather all information prior to consideration, therefore eliminating the need to prolong the request.


  • Eligibility: Registered SVSU sports clubs and student organizations.
  • Funding: $500 will be the maximum grant per sports club or student organization, budget permitting.

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