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Business Bill Pay

Step 1: Head to the “Move Money” tab at the top of the screen and click it to open a drop down menu.

Step 2: Select “Pay Bills” in the drop down menu.

Step 3: To pay a bill select a payee in the list that appears in the "Pay Bills" box or search for one in the search bar in the "Pay Bills" box.

  • Add Payee: simply click "Add Payee" in the top right of the "Pay Bills" box and follow the steps with entering the payee information in the form that appears.

Step 4: Once you select a payee enter a "Send Date" (the Est. Delivery Date will be automated) and then enter an the amount you are sending to the payee.

Step 5: After you type in the amount a form will appear. Select the "Pay From Account" you wish to transfer money from and the "Frequency".

Step 6: Click "Continue" and the "Pay" if everything looks correct.

* Important Disclaimer: Bill Pay checks sent via mail will clear your Wildfire checking account, when the check clears at receiving institution. Just like a typical check.

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