Earn Cash Rewards!

You read that right. When you use your Wildfire Visa® credit card you will earn 1% Cash Back on every dollar you spend. We are making buying items and experiences a little more fun.

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Bonus Point Days!

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Father's Day Bonus Points

Father’s Day is already quickly approaching, which means it is time to search for that special gift for the Dad in your life to help celebrate this special day and person.

From 6/12 through 6/18 Wildfire is going to be your shopping buddy and give you 2% cash back when you use your Wildfire Rewards Visa® to buy your super hero Dad the perfect gift*.

Promotion Period: Monday, June 12 through Sunday, June 18, 2023

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How Do I Earn Points?


Earning points is easy. Just use your Wildfire Visa for all your purchases. Your Wildfire Visa card will earn 1% cash back on all purchases. If you don't already have a Wildfire Visa, get one and start earning points today.

  • Every $1 spent with your card is a point earned.
  • Each point is equal to 1 penny.

Example: 1,000 points = $10

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How Can I Spend My Points?


Cash Back

You can redeem your rewards whenever, with no limits to the amount you can redeem. The best part? It's instantly deposited into your Wildfire checking or savings account.

Make a loan payment
Do you like our Skip-A-Pay program? Guess what? You can give yourself another skip-a-pay by redeeming your points and making a payment on your Wildfire loan!

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What Can I Save Points For?


You can convert your points to cash at any time for any purpose, or you can save them and use them at a later date.

With Wildfire Rewards it’s that simple! When converting your points to cash back the possibilities are endless: home improvement, gift cards, travel, concert tickets, and so much more!

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Agreements & Disclosures

Wildfire Rewards Program Agreement (PDF)