Recreational Vehicle Loans

Blue Dune Buggy driving across sand dunes on a sunny day
Picture half above water half below water of a speedboat in a lake with people swimming around it


Boat Loans

Whatever the voyage, Wildfire is ready to join your crew and help you obtain the perfect vessel.

Set Sail
Couple sitting outside their RV in chairs at a campsite with conifer trees behind them


RV Loans

For that great road, campsite, and adventure ahead. Add an RV Loan from Wildfire to your pack list today!

Adventure Awaits
Guy sitting on a stationary snowmobile in the wilderness with his arms up cheering


ATV, Jet-Ski, Snowmobile

There is a toy for any outdoor adventure and we have the loans to assist you. Think of us as your financial outdoor outfitter.

To the Outdoors
Black Motorcycle sitting on the side of a desert road at sunset


Motorcycle Loans

There is nothing like riding a steel horse. A loan from Wildfire can help you experience the thrill and excitement of riding your own.

Let's Ride