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From the Palm of Your Hand You Can Do Your Banking Anywhere

Mobile Banking is your online connection to Wildfire through your smart phone. You can access your accounts, perform transactions, transfers, and so much more anywhere you have a signal!

Apps Within the App

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  • Notifications: We use alerts to give you a heads up about events such as new transactions, documents, and balance changes. Alerts can be delivered through email and text message.

  • Lock/Unlock Card: With Wildfire's app you can lock your card to prevent it from being used while you try to relocate it. All you have to do is log in to the app, tap “Cards” at the bottom of your screen, select the card(s) you want to lock, and then toggle the “Lock Card” switch. Check out a Video Tutorial!

  • Fingerprint/Facial Authentication: After logging into the app for the first time, you can turn on "Fingerprint/Facial Authentication" to boost the security of your app.

Manage Accounts


  • Messages: You can send us a secure message when you want to inquire about a transaction or payment, or any general inquiry related to your account.

  • Activate Your Card: You don't have make any phone calls to activate your card with the app. All you need to do is login to the app, tap "Cards" at the bottom of your screen, and find the card you want to activate!. View step by step instructions on how to Activate Your Card.
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Payments, Transfers, & Deposits


  • Connected Accounts: Easily transfer money to and from accounts you have with other financial institutions. All you need is the routing number of the institution and the account number that you want to transfer between.

  • Scheduled Transfers: Easily transfer money between your accounts with scheduled transfers. Whether it's daily, monthly, yearly, or somewhere in between you can schedule your transfers.

  • Person to Person or P2P*: Easily send money to your friends and family without contacting Wildfire. P2P works even if they aren’t a member of Wildfire.

  • Transfer Money: You can transfer funds in real time between shares on accounts which you are a primary or joint owner. Don't stop there! You can also make payments to your loans in real time using this feature as well.

P2P Disclosures

* You are only allowed to have 5 P2P transfers in progress at any given time. For example, if you initiate 3 transfers on Monday and on Tuesday those transfers are still being processed, you can only make 2 Transfers until the other three go through.



  • Bill Pay: Add Payees and pay your bill electronically, saving you the time of writing a check and stamp costs! Learn more about our Bill Payer Service.

  • Mobile Check Deposit: A secure, online service that allows you to deposit checks into your eligible Wildfire accounts at any time with your mobile device. A check can simply be photographed with a camera on a smart phone and the image and associated deposit information are then electronically delivered to Wildfire. Pretty cool huh?

  • Mobile Wallet: With mobile wallets, you can securely store your Wildfire Credit Union debit or credit card details to make purchases at a store, within compatible apps or online using your mobile device. Learn how to load your card.
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What Are You Waiting For?

Enroll in Digital+ using our website and then download and use the app today!

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Download Wildfire's Mobile Banking App

For more information on Wildfire’s Mobile Banking App, please contact the Call Center at 989-249-8200 or 800-227-2328.

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